Sunday, June 24, 2012

Meeting a new family member

I have been enjoying my time off from CIT and catching up with other stuff that got left behind while I was studying.

I have also been back to Perth to visit family and friends and meet my great niece! We celebrated her one month birthday while we were there and I am in love! This little bundle of joy is precious and I was not ready for the emotion I felt when I first held her. We left Perth sixteen years ago and I have not seen a lot of my nieces over that time. To see my niece with her baby was amazing. I am so proud of her. My sister is a grandmother and that too is weird. I know I will not see a lot of my great niece but I have started writing stories about her family in NSW to give to her.

Are you away from your closest family members? How do you keep in touch?

I have just finished the new book by Nora Roberts The Last Boyfriend. This was the second book in the Inn Boonsboro series. The first one I mentioned a few posts ago but couldn't remember the name of was The Next Always.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of semester one

It is done! All my assignments are in and semester one is over! What have I learned?

I learned that I didn't need to agonise over my homework and assignments - just get it done. As the last few weeks flew by I did get better at that as I was running out of time and energy. There is nothing like a deadline to get you going.

I learned which areas of Library and Information Services interest me and where I want to pursue extra work.

I learned that you are never too old to take on something new. I did feel like the 'granny' on campus but I wasn't the oldest one there.

I made some lovely new friends and we supported each other through the last mad weeks of getting assignments done.

I enrolled to continue on in semester two - what was I thinking?

Not much reading has been happening. I did read Stella Makes Good by Lisa Heidke and loved it. Hopefully I will have more time and energy to read before semester two starts! I have a pile of books by Australian women to read and can't wait to get into them.

Has anyone else just finished a semester of study? How did you go?